Save Time & Money; Rent Our Tools

At Ecton Hardware, you can easily rent many of the painting supplies you need. We are proud to offer simple equipment rental in Robinson, Illinois, to save you both time and money. Renting is often cheaper than buying the supplies and equipment you need if you only need them for a single project. You also avoid much of the upkeep, potential repairs, and other expenses associated with owning your own tools and equipment.

Rent Equipment for Your Next Project

Whether you need a piece of special equipment for a specific project, or can't justify the expensive of buying new equipment, stop by Ecton Hardware. Our rental department is home to a wide range of equipment. You'll find field and brush cutters, pressure washers, and truck ramps to meet your needs. You can choose to rent your equipment at either an hourly rate, or a daily rate for longer projects. 

Rental Polices

We make it easy to rent the equipment you need. All we require in advance is a cleaning deposit and one full day of rental fees. When you bring back the equipment, we will prorate the difference back to you, based on the condition of the equipment and the amount of time you used it.

Pressure Washer